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The Future of Warehouse Robots

Warehouse Robots

Who We Are

Cypher Robotics is modernizing warehouse operations with autonomous technologies that are replacing mundane and labour-intensive job functions.  We are committed to delivering robotics solutions that are simple to integrate into an existing warehouse ecosystem, immediately providing an ROI for the operation.

With Captis, our fully autonomous cycle counting solution, manual cycle counts become a thing of the past. By enhancing operational margins and improving inventory accuracy, Captis significantly boosts efficiency.

Cypher Precision Scan enables us to assist customers in eliminating the labour-intensive task of updating CAD files for scenario planning. Precision Scan offers a fully autonomous solution, efficiently capturing highly accurate digital twins of facilities, empowering better business decisions.

warehouse robots

How We Enhance Your Operations

improve operating margin

Eliminate Labour Costs Associated with Manual Cycle Counts

Improving operational margin with fully autonomous solution.
improve inventory accuracy

Improve Inventory Accuracy

Providing 99.9% in count accuracy with our cutting edge technology.
Avoid out of stock

Ensure Timeline Replenishment to Avoid Stockouts and Overstocking

Avoid loss of sales and compete for customer loyalty.
warehouse robots

Increase Equipment Availability

Forklifts and operators no longer required to complete scheduled cycle counts.
warehouse robotics

Position Your Organization to Revenue Share with Connected Inventories

Only with live and complete inventory accuracy can an organization consider to participate.
warehouse robotics

Improve Labour Attrition

Eliminate mundane job functions that result in dissatisfied and unmotivated employees.

Autonomous Cycle Counting System

A single, automated device that brings together autonomous mobile robots with drone technology, providing a product that cycle counts with accuracy and coverage that justifies the investment.  

Captis operates for up to 5 hours before autonomously returning to charge, maximizing coverage for clients with a single device and delivering a significantly higher ROI.

autonomous cycle counting

A single facility’s designated labour hours to cycle counting per year

Reducing stock-outs
can improve sales by


Correcting inventory accuracy can decrease depreciating inventory by


Who Are Our Clients?

Warehouse Robotics


Gaining competitive advantages with better inventory controls and real-time visibility.
Warehouse Robotics


Improving operational margins while providing improved inventory accuracy for their clients.

autonomous cycle counting with captis

How It Works


Captis is scheduled or triggered by the WMS/WES to autonomously move through the facility, gathering images of all visible barcodes.


Barcode images are uploaded on-prem or to the cloud for product number identification. Captis reports the product numbers found to the WMS, WES, or ERP.


The WMS, WES, or ERP identifies exceptions and Captis can be optionally redeployed to count relevant locations before autonomously returning to charge.
Drone Powered Inventory Management

Cypher Precision Scan

Simulate, Monitor, and Analyze Real-world Scenarios with Digital Twins
Embark on a journey where the physical and digital worlds seamlessly converge. Cypher Precision Scan stands at the forefront of this technological revolution, capturing digital twins with unparalleled precision. Join us as we redefine possibilities, unlocking the potential of digital twins for a multitude of industries and applications. Uncover our technological advantages below.

digital twins

the Uniqueness of Our Digital Twins

Fully autonomous data collection reducing cost
Highest level of digital accuracy down to <0.1 mm.

Compatible with mainstream processing software(s) unique to your specific application

Compatible with warehouse execution systems to produce the most accurate estimate when scenario planning.

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We’re here to guide you through the integration of our technology into your business to decrease lost sales and increase revenue.
Automated Inventory Tracking
Cypher Robotics

The Future of Warehouse Robots

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